Hey! I'm Daniel. Most days I spend my time helping grow ngrok. Outside of that I'm building Shortwave and designing Housecraft with some wonderful people.

Sometimes I write longer pieces to dig deeper into something that's been on my mind. A few of the best posts are Digging Your Own Hole, Creating moments for discovery, Why I care about code, Open For Business, Making Yourself Irrelevant, OneShot, a one week design case study, and there's even more on my blog.

I've designed apps for OneShot, Jewelbots, RunKit, SilviaTerra, and others. Earlier in life I worked for Twilio as a product manager and Coudal Partners on Field Notes notebooks.

Other than that, I have a long list of failures. My personal failed products are Mocky (a magic window into your team's Dropbox), Driftless (your friends' best Amazon purchases), The Shakedown (shake your phone to steal points from friends), Hermes (helping designers & developers find jobs in Chicago), and Colorplane (a color picker for humans).