Hey! I'm Daniel.

Most days I spend my time exploring new software projects and writing. Right now, my focus is on Arrows.to and working with my clients via my studio No Small Things.

In the past I helped make Housecraft and Shortwave with some wonderful friends.

Before that, I did work for ngrok, OneShot, Jewelbots, RunKit, SilviaTerra, and others. Earlier in life I worked for Twilio as a product manager and Coudal Partners on Field Notes notebooks.

Otherwise, I have a long list of failures. My personal failed products are Mocky 😭 (a magic window into your team's Dropbox), Driftless 😢 (first it was your friends' best Amazon purchases, then became a spending tracker), The Shakedown 😞 (shake your phone, get points, be happy), Hermes 😩 (helping designers & developers find jobs in Chicago), and Colorplane 😑 (a color picker for humans).